Let me tell you a story about one of Santa’s helper. His name is Kris Nicolas Holiday, he started working as one of Santa’s helpers when he was 13. Actually, Santa is Kris’s God Father and his namesake. Now Kris has always been interested in technology, you could say he is a bit of a nerd. After school he was always working on inventions and ideas, one day he had an idea of how he could help Santa even more. This idea stayed in his mind for years. You see Kris really loved being one of Santa’s helper and he was determined to find even better ways to help. After graduating from MIT he came back to Santa’s workshop and told Santa his idea. You see the idea Kris came up with was to create an awesome website and tell people about great deals all over the internet. This way not only would children get their gifts, but young and older adults as well. Kris went a step further, he told Santa that because of the speed of the internet that he could assist Santa all year therefore keeping the spirit of Christmas all year round. He called his Invention Rocket Santa, because Kris was named after Santa, he thought  it only fitting that he would name his invention after Santa.

Rocket Santa has partnered with Walmart, Best-buy, Target, Amazon, just to name a few. If you click over to Rocket Santa.com and buy anything from one of our affiliate partners a percentage of what we collect will go to a local nonprofit of the month. Go to Rocket Santa. Com and find out what local nonprofit we are supporting. We are on a mission to spread peace on earth, and goodwill towards men,(because Women are already awesome) and we plan on doing this one customer at a time. Thank you.