Yes, this is the official site for Rocket What we have done is kind of amazing, we have created the spirit, the essence, the magic of Christmas to be felt every single day. That sounds wonderful all by itself, but we truly wanted to be the embodiment of the holiday. We do that by giving a percentage of our sales profit to a local nonprofit that caters to kids. We truly want this to be our lasting legacy. We choose the city and state of local nonprofits and for a whole month we will raise money for that nonprofit online. We also have created an auto-ship program for some of our consumable products, this time though we choose a national nonprofit for the whole year. This year we keep Danny Thomas’s dream alive and are giving 10% of our auto-ship profits to St. Jude’s research.  Please support us in our quest, if you’re going to buy something anyway why not buy through our portal, and keep the spirit of Christmas. We ask two things of you, but you only need to do one, “buy”, and when you do that, you automatically “Give”.

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