Rocket Santa was originally a superhero I created ten years ago! The story goes that he is one of Santa’s helpers, he started working as one of Santa’s helpers at the age of 13. He loved Santa so so much that he wanted to help deliver the toys. When he turns 19 he goes off to college and returns 4 years later with an incredible suit that he has invented. This suit turns him into well what you might say a combination of Iron Man and The Flash. He is incredibly fast and is able to endure any force of nature, even molten lava. When he wears it he becomes “Rocket Santa” sworn protector of “Peace on Earth and Goodwill towards Men” . Though we are not exactly in the Superhero business directly. However……..

Rocket Santa has become an affiliate with Walmart, Best-buy, Target, Amazon, just to name a few. If you click over to Rocket and buy anything from one of our affiliate partners a percentage of what we collect will go to a local charity of the month. Go to our local nonprofit icon and find out what local nonprofit we are supporting this month. Chances are you’re probably going to buy something from the web anyway, keep the spirit of Christmas and the true gift of giving back. Buy though Rocket Santa. Com, help us help others, and together let’s  keep the spirit of Christmas all year round.